Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

2018 Council Elections

Council Elections

Get involved and make a difference

ENROL TO VOTE by Friday 10 August 2018

Local democracy is an important feature of life in Australia and councils have a far greater influence on communities than most people appreciate. Make a difference by participating in your council election.

Voting in the 2018 council elections is done by post. If you are on the House of Assembly roll you will automatically receive a voting pack mailed to your registered address. 

If you have moved house or changed your name, you need to complete a new enrolment form, available at your local Post Office or Electoral Commission of SA. To check or update your enrolment visit Enrol for Council Elections

If you are not enrolled on the House of Assembly roll you may be eligible to register on the council supplementary roll if:

  • You have been resident at your current address for one month and are not on the State Electoral Roll
  • You are a sole owner/occupier of rateable property
  • You are NOT an Australian Citizen but you have been a resident at your current address for one month
  • You are a landlord for rateable property
  • You are an organisation/business owner or occupier of rateable property
  • You are a group of owners or occupiers of rateable property

If you are a landlord, business lessee or resident non - Australian citizen and you wish to vote in Council elections you must enrol by completing an enrolment form. 

The council supplementary roll is not carried over from previous elections. These electors must renew their enrolment on the council supplementary roll. 

"Application for Enrolment on the Voters Roll" are available to download.  Please select the relevant form:

Enrolment for the 2018 council elections closes at 5pm on Friday 10 August 2018.

For further information please contact Council on (08) 8767 2033 or Email


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