Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Kingston Boat Ramp Update

Kingston Boat Ramp Update

9 February 2018

Tonkin Engineering (marine infrastructure specialists), visited Kingston on Tuesday 6 February 2018 and conducted a full onsite assessment of the issues at the Maria Creek Boat Ramp Facility. They briefed Elected Members on the same day stressing the enormity of the situation and the need to carefully consider short and long term actions. Council will further consider Tonkins advice at its February Council meeting and communicate to the community, outcomes of this discussion.

In the meantime, the Cape Jaffa Boat Ramp Facility remains open and Council will continue to monitor and manage beach access points at Thredgolds and Johnson Avenue, for those who are able to safely launch from the beach.

2 February 2018

Despite all best efforts at Maria Creek over the past 7 weeks, it has become clear that excavation and dredging is unmanageable due to the continuing influx of seagrass and the significant movement of sand from the South.

As a result of the unmanageable conditions, Council has temporarily ceased all dredging and excavation works and has engaged an engineering consultant to attend Kingston as soon as possible to assess the situation. The consultant will conduct an overall assessment of the site and provide a series of options for Council’s consideration. Once Council has carefully considered all options, further communication to the community will be provided.

Please take a moment to review attached photos and take note of the seagrass still present and the enormous change to the beach on the Southern side.


Boat Ramp

19 January 2018

To date, Council has removed approximately 21,000 cubic metres of seagrass from the Maria Creek channel.

19,500 has been removed by the Long Reach Excavator and 1500 by Council’s dredge

 Unfortunately, Council had to cease dredging works this week due to a combination of poor water quality and low tides which resulted in exceedances under Council’s Dredging Maintenance and Monitoring Plan.

Fortunately, water quality has now improved and dredging works will resume tomorrow, Saturday 20th January.  The long reach excavator will continue to work in conjunction with the dredge.

Council anticipates that a further 20,000 still needs to be removed due to material flowing down the creek and entering the channel.  Council will provide an update on anticipated opening time in the coming weeks.


12 January 2018
Excavation of seagrass in the Maria Creek Channel continued this week with approximately 10,000 cubic metres removed. Council’s Dredge is now in the water and will commence operation on Saturday, 13 January 2018 in conjunction with the long reach excavator.  The Dredge will concentrate on seagrass removal surrounding the Boat Ramp pontoons and then work its way to the sandbar at the entrance of the Channel. Subject to favourable conditions, it is hoped that the Boat Ramp Facility will be re-opened sometime in February.

Council will continue to provide the community and visitors with regular updates.

4 January 2018

Dredging of the Maria Creek Channel commenced on Thursday 28 December with approximately 5000 cubic metres of seagrass removed so far.  It is estimated that a further 25,000 cubic metres remains within the channel which is expected to take a further four weeks or more to clear.  Subject to favourable conditions, it is hoped that the Boat Ramp Facility will be re-opened sometime in February.

Council will continue to provide the community and visitors with regular updates.
*photos below as at 3 January 2018*


22 December 2017

Council is happy to advise the community that we have received Environment Protection Authority (EPA) approval for Council’s Dredging Management and Monitoring Plan (DMMP) for the Maria Creek. It is anticipated that excavation and dredging works will commence on Wednesday 27th December 2017.

The reason for the commencement date being Wednesday, 27th December 2017, is due to collection of mandatory baseline water testing data which is required to be completed 7 days prior to dredging works as per the DMMP.

Please be advised that a road closure will be in place from Friday 22nd December 2017 to exclude vehicles and pedestrians from a portion of Marine Parade and adjacent reserves (being from the northern side of the boat wash down bay to the Maria Creek boat launching facility). All vehicles and pedestrians must not enter the designated road closure and work zone whilst excavation and dredging works are taking place.

To assist recreational fishers launching from the beach, Council has cleared sand build up at the following access points, Pinks Beach, Wyomi Beach, Johnson Avenue, Sailing Club, Thredgolds, Toops Road and Long Beach.

The Cape Jaffa Boat Ramp facility still remains open, please use caution whilst navigating the entrance to the Marina.

Council wishes to thank the community for their patience and cooperation.

15 December 2017

Council wishes to advise recreational fishers that we have cleared sand build at the following beach access points, Thredgolds, Johnson Avenue and Pinks Beach Road. Council will continue to monitor beach access points prior to Christmas to help beach launching access to those who are able to safely launch from the beach. 

Council is currently awaiting the required approvals from Government authorities. Council has been advised that these approvals may be received before the Christmas break. Once all of the approvals have been received, Council will endeavour to commence dredging and excavation works as soon as possible.

Please be advised that the Cape Jaffa Boat Ramp Facility is still open to recreational fishers.

Council will provide the community with another update on Friday 22nd December 2017.


25 September 2017

Unfortunately, Kingston’s Maria Creek Channel has experienced significant seagrass inflows this winter season.  This has produced a sustained blockage of the channel causing back flooding of Maria Creek and the lengthy closure of the Boat Ramp Facility.  Over the past number of weeks, Kingston District Council has been working hard to try and secure EPA approval to allow dredging of Maria Creek.  Despite Council’s best efforts approval has still not been secured.  As a result, Council is unable to clear the Maria Creek channel means the Kingston Boat Ramp Facility will remain closed.    

The Cape Jaffa Boat Ramp Facility is fully open to Recreational Fishers.  Council is also in the process of pushing out sand at Thredgolds beach access and Johnson Avenue beach access (opposite the old boat yard facility) to help facilitate beach launching access to those who are able to safely launch from the beach.