Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Administration Fees

Photocopying (of any document)

Each A4 page $0.30
Double Sided A4 page $0.40
Each A3 page $0.40
Double sided A3 page $0.50

**50% discount applies to all local organisations/sporting clubs

Council Agendas/Minutes

Council Meeting Agenda $20.00 
Committee Meeting Agenda $5.00
Council Meeting Minutes $15.00 
Committee Meeting Minutes $3.00 

Other Council Documents

Development Plan (colour) $400.00 
Development Plan (black & white) $125.00
Registers $20.00 
Policy Manual (per policy) $3.00
Annual Business Plan/Budget $5.00 
Strategic Management Plan


Long Term Financial Management Plan $20.00
Asset Management Plan $20.00

Facsimilie Transmissions

Up to 3 pages $2.50
Each Additional Page $0.50


Laminating A3 page $1.00
Laminating A4 page $0.80

Required Deposits:

All Council Keys $20.00
Use of Cat Trap $50.00
Use of Dog Barking Collar $50.00