Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Council Agendas and Minutes


Kingston District Council meetings are held on the second to last Friday of each month, in the Council Chamber, 29 Holland Street, Kingston, at 2.00pm. Council meetings are open to the public and attendance is encouraged.

Agendas are available for public inspection at least three clear days prior to meetings and can be viewed at the Council Office (29 Holland Street) and on Council's website.

A copy of the minutes of a meeting of the Council will be placed on public display at the Council Office and Council's website within 5 days of a Council meeting.


April 28 2017
.pdf 28 April 2017 Council Meeting Agenda
.pdf Economic Development Opportunity Informal Gathering
April 27 2017
.pdf Assetic Asset Managemnt Workshop Informal Gathering
March 24 2017
.pdf 24 March 2017 Council Meeting Agenda
.pdf 24 March 2017 Council Meeting Minutes Minutes
March 16 2017
.pdf 1st Business Plan & Budget Workshop Informal Gathering
March 1 2017
.pdf 01 March 2017 Special Council Meeting Agenda
.pdf 01 March 2017 Special Council Meeting Minutes
February 24 2017
.pdf CEO Performance / Grader Tender Process Discussion Informal Gathering
February 21 2017
.pdf 21 February 2017 - Cape Jaffa Development Company Update Informal Gathering
February 17 2017
.pdf 17 February 2016 Council Meeting Agenda
.pdf 17 February 2017 Council Meeting Minutes
.pdf Dominic Testoni Presentation Informal Gathering
January 25 2017
.pdf Cape Jaffa Development - confidential Informal Gathering
January 20 2017
.pdf 20 January 2017 Council Meeting Agenda
.pdf 20 January 2017 Council Meeting Minutes
.pdf Rating Review Summary Workshop Informal Gathering
.pdf Tony Pasin MP Informal Gathering
.pdf 20 January 2017 Council Meeting Late Report Cape Jaffa Marina Birth Request for Rebate Late Report
.pdf 20 January 2017 Council Meeting Late Report Kingston Caravan Park Rent Update Late Report

Older documents are available here:

Archived Agendas and Minutes