Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Council Agendas and Minutes


Kingston District Council meetings are held on the second to last Friday of each month, in the Council Chamber, 29 Holland Street, Kingston, at 2.00pm. Council meetings are open to the public and attendance is encouraged.

Agendas are available for public inspection at least three clear days prior to meetings and can be viewed at the Council Office (29 Holland Street) and on Council's website.

A copy of the minutes of a meeting of the Council will be placed on public display at the Council Office and Council's website within 5 days of a Council meeting.


April 20 2018
.pdf 20 April 2018 Council Meeting Agenda
April 19 2018
.pdf 19 April 2018 Informal Gathering
March 23 2018
.pdf 23 March 2018 - Council Meeting Agenda
.pdf 23 March 2018 - Council Meeting Minutes
March 22 2018
.pdf 22 March 2018 - Workshop Informal Gathering
February 22 2018
.pdf Treasury Management Workshop Informal Gathering
February 16 2018
.pdf 16 February 2018 - Council Meeting Agenda
.pdf 16 February 2018 - Council Meeting Minutes
.pdf Dog By-Law Signage Informal Gathering
.pdf Item 15.5-Audit Committee Minutes Late Report
.pdf Item 15.7-Audit Committee Membership Late Report
.pdf Item 15.9-Mid Year Budget Review Late Report
February 15 2018
.pdf Mid-Year Review / Draft Long Term Financial Review Informal Gathering
January 31 2018
.pdf Main Street & Forshore Detailed Design Workshop Informal Gathering
January 19 2018
.pdf 19 January 2018 - Council Meeting Agenda
.pdf 19 January 2018 - Council Meeting Minutes

Older documents are available here:

Archived Agendas and Minutes