Dog Registrations

Councils are required by the Dog & Cat Management Act to keep a register of dogs in the local area. To ensure the register is kept up to date dog registrations are renewed every 12 months during July and August.

All dogs aged 3 months or over, living on the property longer than 14 days must be registered with Council. Persons registering a dog must be 16 years of age or older.

To register a dog you will need to make a written application to Council and pay a registration fee (pensioner concessions and other rebates are available).

Once the dog has been registered you will be issued with:

  • A certificate of registration
  • A registration disc (this must be worn by the dog at all times)

Failure to register a dog is an offence under the Act and the owner or person responsible for the dog may be fined.

Following the registration of a dog you are required to notify Council as soon as possible if the following events occur:

  • The dog is moved to another premises
  • The dog dies or is missing for more than 72 hours
  • Ownership of the dog is transferred to another person

Dog Registration Fees

Non Standard Working Dog $36.50
Standard Working Dog (Desexed & Microchipped) $36.50
Desexed Only Dog $73.00
Microchipped Only Dog $73.00
Non Standard Working Dog $36.50
Standard Dog $36.50
Desexed Only Working Dog $36.50
Microchipped Only Working Dog $36.50
Puppy Fee $14.60
Guide/hearing/disability dog $no charge
Fee for replacement disc  

Concession Card Holder - 50% rebate
Late registration penalty (after 31 August) - $18.00
Rebate for part year registration (after 1 January) - 50% rebate

Valid Concession details must be shown
NOTE: To qualify for a reduced registration fee for a desexed dog, a copy of a desexing certificate must be provided.

Where Can I Make Payment ?

Payment can be made:

  • In person by cash, EFTPOS and selected Credit Cards (Visa, Master Card, Bank Card) at our office 29 Holland Street, Kingston SE

Dogs must be re registered by the 31 August each year. Please be aware that a late fee may be applied if not paid by the due date.