Kingston District Council, South East, South Australia

Cape Jaffa Anchorage Development


Cape Jaffa has been identified over a number of years and through various studies as being strategically well located to accommodate fishing, aquaculture and tourist activities. In January 2000 Kingston District Council established a committee to investigate the future development requirements for Cape Jaffa. Through the extensive processes of a Section 30 Review and a Plan Amendment Report under the Development Act, Council formally identified Cape Jaffa as a suitable location for expansion of the existing settlement. To enhance the quality of facilities, services and environmental management, a comprehensive development of the locality is required. To that end, the Kingston District Council and the Cape Jaffa Development Company have entered into an agreement to facilitate the proper development of Cape Jaffa. This information sheet provides an update on the progress of the development.


The Cape Jaffa Anchorage Project involves the development of a safe haven and moorings to accommodate fishing vessels and activities, together with areas for recreational boating facilities, hard stand areas and tourist and residential accommodation.


  • Safe Boat Haven
  • Dredged channel and groynes to provide a protected seaway access
  • Main basin area and residential waterway
  • Public boat ramp
  • Commercial areas to support the fishing and aquaculture industries
  • Recreational and private marina
  • Commercial Marina
  • Residential Allotments
  • Apartment, motel and cabin accommodation
  • General Store/Kiosk/Tavern
  • Recreation areas and open space
  • Beach Access
  • Reticulated mains water supply
  • Effluent treatment and stormwater management facilities
  • Reticulated power and telecommunications
  • Predominately allotments of 750m2 or greater with average widths of 20m


The Cape Jaffa Development Company received major development planning approval in January 2006.  Construction of the facility commenced in September 2006.  Stage 1 of the Anchorage has been practically completed. Stage 1 development incorporated the following key infrastructure components:

  1. Main basin and waterways comprised in Stage 1 development.
  2. Road and other traffic infrastructure associated with Stage 1 development.
  3. Power, Water and Sewer facilities.
  4. Revetment walls and whalf area's.
  5. Recreational boating facility (4 lane).
  6. Breakwater and channel.
  7. Commercial marina berths.


Stage 2 development, which incorporates the island development, to the west of the existing Stage 1 development will commence when sufficient propertry has been contracted. The Stage 2 development has all necessary approvals and is expected to commence in 2010.


If you have any queries about the development or wish to purchase land or marina berths, please contact the Cape Jaffa Development Company on 0439189396 or email or write to Cape Jaffa Development Company, PO Box 532, Kingston SE SA 5275.


For further information in regard to the Cape Jaffa Anchorage Development, visit the website;