Parks & Gardens

The Kingston district has many parks, gardens and reserves throughout the district.


Apex Park
East Terrace, Kingston SE

Apex Park Skate Park


  • Located at the entrance of the town
  • Electric BBQ's
  • Public Toilets
  • Childrens Play Equipment
  • Kingston Skate Park
  • Monument: A 6ft high blue-grey Karataphyre quartz rock, weighing approximately five tons and quarried from natural outcrops on the Keilira property of the late Mr. Peter Vandepeer. It is a memorial to the ill-fated passengers and crew of the Brigantine 'Maria' which was wrecked off Cape Jaffa in 1840. The Maria Creek takes its name from this tragedy.

 Lions Park
Hanson Street, Kingston SE

 Power Engine Cottage - Lions Park  Lions Park Playground


  • New fully fenced & shaded Playground
  • Public Toilets
  • The Lions Park offers facilites such as BBQ's and the Rotunda, as well as housing the local Lions Club shed.
  • Home of the Power Engine Cottage which houses the 50 year old power engine which provided electricty to Kingston until 1974.  The engine was shipped from England to 'Port Jackson' in 1946 and it logged over 100,000 hours while in service.  Graham Usher built its new home.
  • With many great facilities and a great location, the Lions Park hosts many great community events.
  • Shelter

Soldiers Memorial Park
Agnes Street, Kingston

  • RSL Monument
  • Rose Garden
  • Picnic area 
  • Over the years dedicated volunteers have made this into a lovely garden. 

Family Tree Park
Watson Street, Kingston

Was established as a Community Sesquicentenary Project in 1985. The late Mr. Ron Sly was the instigator of the project. The bronze plaques commemorate local pioneers and families of this area.

Burt Baseley Memorial Park
Young Street, Kingston

A monument was placed there in memory of Bert Baseley who worked hard for many people and projects in the town, especially for RSL, Legacy, the Lions Club and many other organizations.