Beaches & Fishing

Kingston is an ideal place for holiday makers and safe beaches not only offer fantastic conditions for scuba diving, fishing, windsurfing and sailing, but attract regular sightings of sealions, seals and dolphins.

Swimming at the beach in Kingston Kingston Jetty Granites


The beaches in the Kingston area are some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world. They have firm white sands that allow people to drive for many kilometers along them until they find their "own" piece of paradise. Most of the actual beaches have a gentle slope into the deeper water, and have no rip etc, and are therefore extremely safe for children to play and swim with minimum supervision.


There are two jetties in the Kingston SE area. For years both jetties acted as landing and refueling facilities for the cray fishing and sharking boats that operated in the area.

In recent times there were less boats using the Kingston Jetty and the authorities responsible for the upkeep decided that it wasn't feasible to continue spending money on the Kingston one. This jetty has now been classified as being a recreational jetty and the rail tracks and refueling facilities have been removed. The local Council is now responsible for this jetty.

The Cape Jaffa jetty is still a commercial jetty and continues to be maintained by the South Australian Department of Transport.


Fishing is reasonable from either jetty with the best time being in the evenings. The Kingston jetty will produce catches of tommies, whiting, garfish, mullet, mulloway, flathead and trevalley and at the Cape catches of King George whiting, snapper, garfish, mullet, trevalley, flathead, snook, shark and mulloway.

Charter fishing boats are available and are a great way to find out where the local fishing spots are. The charters are run by local fishermen that have years of experience and local knowledge of the area. Some of the most productive grounds are some considerable distance offshore or are a long trip up the coast towards the Murray mouth.

The Kingston Visitor Information Outlet offers brochures relating to boat ramps, size and catch limits and tidal information.

Long Beach

Lying to the north of Kingston SE is Long Beach. It is approximately 100kms long which runs from Kingston SE to the Murray Mouth and is the southern end of The Coorong. It is known to fishermen as one of the best surf fishing destinations in Australia. In January each year the Kingston SE Lions Club host their annual Surf Fishing Competition. This surf beach provides wonderful fishing or is ideal for just lying on the sand and relaxing.

The Granites, 17kms north of Kingston, feature large rock formations on the beach. A 4WD is recommended north of the Granites.

Boat Ramps

Kingston District Council offers two boat ramps, located at Kingston & Cape Jaffa, both available for use 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 12 months of the year.

* Daily Lauch Permit Fee - $9.00 inc GST
* Weekly Launch Permit Fee - $24.00 inc GST
* Monthly Launch Fee - $41.00 inc GST
* Annual Launch Permit Fee - $90.00 inc GST

Permits are available from:
* Council Office
* Swampy's Marine & Tackle
* Lacepede Seafoods
* Cape Jaffa Caravan Park
* Caltex Roadhouse

Conditions of use:
1. The Annual Permit is valid for twelve months from the date of issue.
2. The permit fee is calculated using the permit fee determined by the Kingston District Council.
3. The permit must be displayed on boat trailer at all times while launching and retrieving boats at the boat ramp facility.
4. Permits must be provided to Council authorised officers on request.
5. Launching and Retrieving of boats is at the owners sole risk.