Rating Information

Information about on rates, what they are, how to pay them, objections and concessions can be found below.

If you are having difficulty paying your rates please contact the Council office on 08 8767 2033 to confidentially discuss your options.

At its meeting on 23 June 2020, the Council adopted its Annual Business Plan which included $3,993,020 (net) in rate revenue, of a total revenue budget of $7,565,070. As a result, Council will apply the following cents in the dollar for the differential land use categories:


$0.3388 cents in the dollar for rateable properties with a land use of category (a) (Residential).


(Shop, Office, Other) $0.3388 cents in the dollar for rateable properties with a land use of categories (b) (Commercial – Shop), (c) (Commercial – Office) and (d) (Commercial – Other).


(Light, Other )$0.3388 cents in the dollar for rateable properties with a land use of categories (e) (Industry – Light) and (f) (Industry – Other).

Primary Production

$0.2541 cents in the dollar for rateable properties with a land use of category (g) (Primary Production).

Vacant Land

$0.3896 cents in the dollar for rateable properties with a land use of category (h) (Vacant Land).


$0.3388 cents in the dollar for rateable properties with a land use of category (i) (Other).

Marina Berth

$0.3388 cents in the dollar for rateable properties with a land use of category (j) (Marina Berth).

How to Calculate Rates

Generally, the amount of rates payable is determined by multiplying the relevant cents in the dollar and the capital value of the property

Minimum Rate

A minimum rate of $591.50 will be applied across the Council district i.e. every rateable property will pay at least this much.

Maximum Increase (Rate 'Capping' Rebate)

Council will apply a maximum increase ('Capping Rebate') of 12% for eligable assessments within the Council area on the general rates liability in accordance with Council’s Rating Policy (exclusion circumstances apply).

The ‘rate capping’ provision will ensure that unreasonable rate increases for primary producers directly attributed to significant valuation changes, will be manageable whilst still ensuring sustainability for future years.

Service Charges

Community Wastewater Management System (Section 155 of the Act)

Council provides a Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) to defined properties in the township of Kingston. Council recovers the cost of operating and maintaining this service through the imposition of a service charge. The collected CWMS service charge is as follows:

  • $258 for each unoccupied property unit
  • $378.00 for each occupied property unit.
Mobile Garbage Bins (Section 155 of the Act)

Council provides a kerbside mobile garbage bin collection and disposal service across the Kingston township, Rosetown, Wyomi, Pinks Beach, Cape Jaffa and connecting roads as detailed in Council's 'Mobile Garbage Bin Collection & Disposal Service Policy. Where the service is provided to non-rateable properties, a service charge is to be levied against the land. The Mobile Garbage Bin Service Charge levied by Council is $258.00 for each service provided to the property.

Regional Landscape Levy

From 1 July 2020, the Natural Resources Management (NRM) Levy will be replaced by the Regional Landscape Levy, due to the introduction of the Landscape SA Act 2019. Kingston District Council is in the Limestone Coast Landscape Board and is required under the Lanscape SA Act 2019 to collect the levy. In 2020/21, the Regional Landscape Levy will continue to be based on 'Local Government Land Use'. The following land use levies are applicable:

  • $81.00 for Residential, Vacant and Other
  • $123.00 for Commercial
  • $193.00 for Industrial
  • $346.50 for Primary Production

Council does not retain this revenue or determine how the revenue is spent.

Methods of Payment

Mailing Your Payment

Mailing Your Payment
Please detach the bottom portion of the Notice and return together with your cheque addressed to PO Box 321, Kingston SE SA 5275.

Paying in Person

Paying in Person
Payment can be made in person at the Council Office between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. Cheque, Cash, Credit Card and Debit Card payments will be accepted.


Use your internet / phone banking facilities to B-Pay direct from your Account (refer to your banking institution for eligible accounts). Please quote the Biller Code and Customer Reference Numbers displayed on the front of your rate notice.


If you have multiple properties and wish to make one lump sum payment you may process this via EFT transfer. Please email through a remittance showing each assessment number, amount you are paying and the total payment made to info@kingstondc.sa.gov.au.

BSB:      105-095
Account: 360 014 140

Online Payments

Online Payments
Credit card payments can be made online. Visit www.kingstondc.sa.gov.au/payrates for secure online payment.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit
Council now offers a Direct Debit payment option for your convenience. Application forms are available at the Council Office or via the below link. For enquiries please phone the office on 08 8767 2033.

Direct Debit Application Form(60 kb)

Discretionary & Mandatory Rebates

Pursuant to the Local Government Act 1999, some organisations may be eligible for a rebate. These include: non-profit community groups, health care establishments and educational organisations. For further information, phone 08 8767 2033 or email rates@kingstondc.sa.gov.au. To apply for the rebate, please submit the form below to Council.

Rate Rebate Application Form 2019/20(194 kb)

Postponement of Rates for Seniors

As prescribed by the Local Government Act 1999, state senior card holders can apply to Council for the postponement of payment of rates on their principal place of residence.  If a postponement of the payment of rates occurs, interest will accrue on the amount affected by the postponement and a minimum contribution is still required.  Rates charged remain as a charge on the land and must be paid upon sale, transfer or other such transactions that result in the prescribed rate payer and/or owner of the land no longer qualifying to receive a postponement of rates.  For further discussion on postponement of rates, please contact the Council office.

Arrangements for Financial Difficulty and Hardship

Council has adopted a ‘Rates Hardship Policy’ which provides information to ratepayers who may be  experiencing difficulty in paying their rates as a result of financial hardship. Ratepayers who may be experiencing financial difficulty are encouraged to contact the Council office for a confidential discussion.

Valuation Objections

The Council has adopted the valuations made by the SA Valuer-General as provided to the Council on 21 June 2019. If you are dissatisfied with a property valuation then an objection may be made to the Valuer-General in writing, within 60 days of receiving notice of the valuation, explaining the basis for the objection - provided you have not:

  • previously received a notice of this valuation under the Local Government Act 1999, in which case the objection period of 60 days from the receipt of the first notice; or
  • previously had an objection to the valuation considered by the Valuer-General.

The address of the Valuer-General is: 
Office of the Valuer-General
GPO Box 1354
Adelaide SA 5001 
Email: lsg.ovg.objections@sa.gov.au
Telephone number is 1300 653 345

The Council has no role in this process, but does have information brochures and Objection forms available. It is important to note that the lodgement of an objection does not change the due date for payment of rates.

Land Use Objections

Council applies differential general rates, and the SE NRM Levy, accordingly to ‘Land Use Category’.  The Council uses the Land Use categories provided by the SA Valuer-General. If you believe a land use has been incorrectly applied to your property, then an objection may be submitted to Council within 60 days of receiving notice. It is important to note that the lodgement of an objection does not change the due date for payment of rates.

To lodge an objection to land use, please submit the form below to Council.

Objection to Land Use Application Form(60 kb)

Single Farm Enterprise

Do you have TWO or more pieces of rateable land in the Kingston District Council area that are not adjoining?

Are these pieces of land all used as farm land?

And are these pieces of land owned or occupied by the same person/s?  

If you answered “YES” to all of the above questions – you may be eligible to apply to have your farm classified as a “Single Farm Enterprise” for the purposes of the Regional Landscape Levy and Council Rates.

This means that your single farm enterprise would only attract ONE Regional Landscape Levy against all of your land, and only attract ONE Minimum Rate (if applicable).

Single Farm Enterprise Application Form

Concessions on Council Rates

Concessions on council rates and Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) sre no longer administered by councils. This concession was previously applied to eligible concession card holders as determined by the Department for Community and Social Inclusion in conjunction with SA Water, and has been replaced by the ‘Cost of Living Allowance’ administered directly to concession holders through the State Government.

For any questions regarding the 'Cost of Living Concession' and to check eligibility, please contact the Concessions SA Hotline directly on 1800 307 758 or go to www.sa.gov.au/concessions for further information.

Voters Roll Entitlement

Ratepayers who are not enrolled on the State Electoral Roll for the Kingston District Council area and wish to vote in Council elections, need to apply for inclusion on Council’s Voters Roll.

This means that all residents not on the State Electoral Roll, including:

  • non-Australian citizens,
  • a sole owner who lives outside the area but owns property in the Council area,
  • a sole occupier who occupies property in the Council area as a tenant but does not live at the property (a non resident occupier),
  • corporate bodies, and
  • groups of persons (joint owners or owners in common),

will need to apply for voting entitlements.  Additionally, corporate bodies and groups of owners will need to nominate a designated person who will vote on their behalf.  An elector can only vote once in a Council election, so the designated person nominated by a corporate body or group should have no other voting entitlements in Kingston District Council elections.

Please contact the Council Office on 08 8767 2033 or email rates@kingstondc.sa.gov.au to discuss your entitlements.

Form 1 - Natural Person: Resident, Sole Owner or Sole Occupier(633 kb)

Form 2 - Body Corporate: Sole Owner or Sole Occupier(697 kb)

Form 3 - Group Owners or Group Occupiers(776 kb)