Draft 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan & Budget

20th May 2020

Are you interested in what Council is proposing over the next 12 months? We welcome your feedback on the 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan and Budget. A copy of the draft document can be collected from the Council Office or viewed below.

Draft 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan & Budget

Council invites the community to provide submissions on the draft plan. As a result of the global COVID-19 Pandemic, The South Australian Public Access and Public Consultation Notice (No 2) 2020 has declared that Council’s requirement to hold a public meeting to allow the public to make in person submissions on the Draft Annual Business Plan, will be removed this year to reduce the risks of person to person transmission of COVID-19. Alternative submissions can be made via the following methods:

  • Online Feedback Form
  • Email - info@kingstondc.sa.gov.au
  • Letter
  • Attending a one-on-one CEO meeting (bookings essential), on the following days:
    • Tuesday 26 May 2020, between 3pm and 5pm
    • Monday 1 June 2020, between 3pm and 5pm
    • Thursday 4 June 2020, between 5pm and 7pm

To book your timeslot, please phone the Council office on 8767 2033.

Submissions close at 5pm on Monday 15 June 2020.

Council looks forward to working with the community in a positive and proactive way as we seek to deliver our plans together.

Natalie Traeger
Chief Executive Officer

Draft 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan & Budget Released


The community is being asked to review Council’s draft 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan & Budget and provide feedback to ensure community expectations are met, whilst being mindful of budgetary constraints.

The draft Annual Business Plan is Council’s statement of intended programs, projects and services for the coming year, while the budget is a statement of revenue, expenditure and projected financial position.

The Council has acknowledged that financial year predictions are difficult, with the issues of COVID-19, combined with on-going challenges from coastal influences impacting the shoreline and marine facilities.  Mayor Kay Rasheed said, “there will undoubtedly be significant community and financial impacts from both matters, and we have considered these when developing this plan”.

“We are mindful of being conservative in developing our rating strategy for the year, acknowledging future challenges and the potential for continuing economic uncertainty.”  Further, the Council has recently adopted a Rates Hardship Policy which has an extra-ordinary provision for ratepayers experiencing financial hardship as a result of COVID-19.

The draft plan is closely linked to Councils’ recently reviewed Community Plan 2019-2029, ensuring that Kingston continues to be a thriving destination that encourages tourism and lifestyle living.  “All the actions, services and projects within this plan aim to make our community even better!” Mayor Rasheed said.

“We understand that securing a bright future for our community will require investment in infrastructure, and specifically, marine facilities, to support any growth prospects.”

“The Kingston Main Streets Economic Stimulus Project will continue into 2020-2021 as will consideration of long-term, financially sustainable boating facilities, whether they be at new or existing locations.  We accept that the on-going closure of Maria Creek Boat Launching Facility and sand management issues at the Cape Jaffa Marina is of concern to boat owners and our business community.”

“However, we maintain our position that short‐term solutions to operate the boating facility, particularly at Maria Creek, are not sustainable, nor responsible use of ratepayer’s money.”

As we work through these specific issues, Council will also increase its focus on the promotion of other recreation and lifestyle opportunities, introduce more arts, cultural and historical drawcards and make improvements to the Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park, to create an even more vibrant place for our residents and visitors.

Chief Executive Officer Nat Traeger said “as you read through the draft 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan & Budget, as you observe the year in review and the challenges we face ahead, I encourage you to reflect on the range, diversity and quality of services, activities and infrastructure available to you as a Kingston District Council resident.”

“Please take every opportunity to engage with us on our journey through providing your feedback to Elected Members and Council Administration.” “You can do this in many ways, including one-on-one discussions with me, which will be noted as feedback in the same manner any written submission will be”.