Draft Signage Policy Engagement

4th March 2020

Kingston District Council is inviting public feedback in regard to its draft Signage Policy.

Council recognises that effective signage contributes to the economic, social and visual amenity of the township and district. This policy aims to provide guidance to the community and Council when assessing signage requirements and new signage requests, in an effort to ensure consistent signage across the Kingston District Council area.

An information sheet has been developed and is available to view here - Signage Policy Information Sheet

A copy of the draft Signage Policy is available here - Draft Signage Policy

Council are seeking community feedback and comment on the draft policy, which can be made in writing or in person. A staff member will be available for people to discuss feedback on the draft policy at any time via phone or in person. Alternatively written submission can be made via email or online via the online feedback form - Draft Signage Policy Online Feedback Form

All submissions must be received by 5.00pm, Friday 27 March 2020.