Pinks Beach RV Park - Community Engagement Report

29th June 2020

Council discussed the future of the Pinks Beach RV Park at the June Council Meeting.

There is no doubt there was some robust debate about this topic, with opinions divided about whether to re-open the facility, or keep it permanently closed.  Council undertook its first poll on Facebook as well as accepting votes and feedback through our website.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Due to the volume of feedback provided, we have developed a comprehensive community engagement report which can be read by clicking on the links below.

Pink Beach RV Park - Community Engagement Report

Ultimately, the decision Council came to was a risk based one, with the view to making the location safe for all users and not impede those who live close-by or those who use the area to access the beach.  Accordingly, Council has decided to revert the location back to a public toilet, carpark and beach access facility only.

However, Council recognises the value that free long-term RV camping has to the visitor economy and that it is a drawcard to another category of traveller.  Council will therefore investigate the suitability of a facility on Council owned property adjacent to Cooke Street.  Elected Member inspected the area prior to the June Council meeting and the potential to open this location up for self-contained travellers has significant potential.

So, watch this space as we commence planning and engaging about a new long-term free camping facility for Kingston.