Pinks Beach RV Park - Open or Close?

21st May 2020

Council seeks community opinion on the future of the Pinks Beach RV Park


Whilst the Pinks Beach RV Park managed by Council remains closed due to COVID-19, Council is seeking the community’s opinion about shutting it down permanently.  The facility has been a free park in its current form, offering a period of up to 5 nights stay, since 2013.

Mayor Kay Rasheed indicated that the Pinks Beach facility was only in place until a new long-term parking area for RV’s within the township was identified.  “In late 2019, following reports of unacceptable behaviour such as over-crowding, large volumes of litter and power cords extending across the road, we requested that the Chief Executive Officer undertake investigations into alternative locations for the Pinks Beach RV Park”, she said.

In response, Council’s CEO Nat Traeger has found that there are no Council land holdings that is suitable without incurring reasonable costs to provide a certain level of service, such as lighting, public conveniences and waste management.  “Not only are there no obvious alternative locations, changes to criteria in relation to the Campervan & Motorhome Club of Australia, RV Friendly Town Program means that Council no longer has to provide free camping to maintain its RV Friendly town status.”

Council also owns and manages the RV Park adjacent the Kingston jetty, which it has just extended, as well as the Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park.  These accommodation offerings have been fully re-opened following the announcement of Step 1 of the roadmap for easing COVID-19 restrictions on 11 May.

The Council will conduct a poll on its Facebook page as well as accept submissions in the traditional manner, i.e. online voting form or in person by visiting the Council office.

Natalie Traeger
Chief Exectuive Officer 

0408 809 712

Pinks Beach RV Park - Open or Close?

To open or close indefinitely, that is the question we are asking!

The Pinks Beach RV Park is currently closed due to COVID-19.  However, there has been some sentiment in the community to keep it closed indefinitely.  This is primarily due to over-crowding and restricting beach access, particularly in the busy times.  We also no longer need a free camping offering to maintain our RV Friendly town status due to changes in the eligibility criteria.

Council conducted a poll on Facebook which saw 42% vote to close it and 58% vote to open it. You can still make your opinion known via our online form - PInks Beach RV Park Online Voting Form


Council will consider all feedback at a future meeting prior to making a decision on this matter.