Message from the Mayor



Council held its monthly meeting this week, with lots of interesting and challenging items on the agenda.  First and foremost is the future of the boat launching facility at Maria Creek with Council now releasing the Maria Creek Sustainable Infrastructure Project Concept Study to the public.  Realistically there is no capital solution to maintain navigability without significant capital and operational expenditure.  The report includes three concepts specifically focused on reinstating the current facility and these range from $6m to $11m upfront capital and an annual operational bill of $500k.  Council only has a small ratepayer base which generates $3.9m in rate revenue, making this sort of expenditure difficult to find.  The report also includes two other options which would result in the current facility being accepted as non-operational.  Removing the breakwaters to allow sand movement would cost $2.4m versus a do-nothing approach which would result in additional sand accumulation over time.

Given the importance of this project, Council is forming a targeted community focus group comprising of key stakeholders to consider the detail of the concept study report and provide input on behalf of the community.

I encourage you to visit our website to access the report, which is also supported by a fact sheet and frequently asked questions to support the detailed contents of the study. Alternatively, you can call into the office for a hard copy.

We also had interesting presentations from Stand Like Stone and the Kingston SE National Trust at the Council meeting.  Stand Like Stone are a wonderful community foundation who injected $28k worth of funding support into our community last year.  The National Trust were talking to Council about heritage and tourism and their plans for an interpretive centre development at the Cape Jaffa Lighthouse. This is an iconic beacon in Kingston and this exciting project would be a significant addition to our tourism offerings.

We have now approved the design rationale and concept drawing for the mosaic public artwork that will be installed on our external council office wall.  The proposal is an impressive statement, depicting the contribution the former Kingston CWA has made to the community over time.

I would like to acknowledge and thank our friends at the District Council of Grant who have made a $5k donation in support of our ongoing Keilira recovery campaign.  The money will be used to allocate UHF units to those impacted by the Keilira bushfire.

Kind Regards,


Kay Rasheed
MAYOR | 0429 095 081