Sea & Breeze Art in Kingston

Sea & Breeze Art in Kingston

Are you interested in public art? Do you want to make a contribution to the development of future public art projects within the Kingston District Council?
If the answer is yes, please come share your ideas!

You can do this at either of the following forums we are hosting in the Council Chambers, 29 Holland Street Kingston:

Monday, 17 February - 5.00pm  |  Tuesday, 18 February - 11.00am

The Sea and Breeze Art project, which will steer our community into the public art realm, is made possible through grant funding from the Regional Arts Fund.  You will hear from  experienced arts & cultural development facilitator Maz McGann, who will also listen to your suggestions about themes, place making and activation of our community through well planned public art installations.

For more information please contact:

Nat Traeger, CEO

0408 809 712