The Kingston Cemetery is located at 230 Southern Ports Highway.


Single Plot Burial - Lawn Section B (Bronze)           $1,443.00
Single Plot Burial - Lawn Section A (Bronze)           $1,443.00   
Single Plot Burial - Non Standard (Oversized)         $1,795.50
Additional Fees for Weekend/Public Holidays              $141.25
Infant Burial                                                              $1,135.25
**includes Burial Fees, 6 line Cemetery Plaque and Base**

Interment of Ashes

Interment of Ashes in Path or Lawn Section               $643.25
** includes 6 line Cemetery Plaque and Base**

Interment of Ashes in Niche Wall                               $588.00
Additional Lines (up to maximum of 8)                         $29.20
**includes 6 line Cemetery Plaque**


Reservation of Adjoining Plot                                       $66.60

Cemetery Plaques/Bases

Basic 6 line Plaque (381mm x 216mm)                      $465.20
Additional Lines (per line - maximum of 8)                  $36.20
Motifs (price on request)
Supply of concrete base                                             $49.90


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