Kingston Brand Guidelines

The new Kingston brand is designed to create a recognisable sense of place and familiarity, and local businesses and community organisations may apply to use the brand in order to promote their connection to the district. The colours, the shapes, the strapline and the design elements all form a brand that echoes Kingston’s proud and historic connection to the coast – for industry, recreation and tourism.

The branding has also been created to allow a certain level of flexibility, however for it to maintain its integrity and build value for the community, it is important to ensure that it’s used appropriately and in a consistent way across all applications.

For this reason, a set of brand guidelines has been created to help those who wish to use the branding in a way that not only adds value to their own organisation, but also supports Kingston as a whole.

Brand Guidelines(14769 kb)

The guidelines set out how the colours, logos and language may be used, and incorporate aspects such as:

  • The correct colour
  • Permitted orientations of the words and logos
  • Permitted dimensions, minimum sizes and minimum clear-space
  • The correct usage and placement of the branding, including backgrounds
  • Acceptable typefaces (fonts) that may be used
  • Graphic device styles that are suitable
  • The use of the “XYZ starts here…” strapline
  • Examples of photography that should be followed

The guidelines should provide clarity regarding the use of the branding, however, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Tourism & Community Engagement Officer (details below)

If you wish to use the Kingston SE branding in any way, a Brand Usage Application Form(121 kb) must be completed and returned to:

Kingston District Council
Tourism & Community Engagement Officer 08 8767 2033

29 Holland Street
(PO Box 321)
Kingston SE SA 5275