Kingston SE Main Streets Stimulus Project

Kingston SE Main Streets Stimulus Project

This main street upgrade project will see our three main streets create a unified precinct that provides accessibility for people of all ages and levels of mobility.

Widened footpaths, improved cross-overs, capacity for alfresco dining and landscaping will create a vibrant and inviting area for tourists and locals alike and will create opportunities for increased tourism, economic growth and place activation activities.

The design for this project has been developed in close consultation with the community.  Extensive alterations were made to the original design after receiving valuable feedback through these consultation processes.

Construction Works - Update

The last couple of months have been busy (and challenging) with the final completion of the Gough Street intersection (plantings complete, traffic signage and bollards installed) and some major changes at the Charles Street intersection.  The intersection at Charles Street will be finalised within the coming week and will include paved corner intersections (including extension area in readiness for the ‘Augmented Reality Artwork’), stormwater pit connection, paved protuberance at Crown Inn, garden protuberances planted, new spoon drains on Charles Street and of course, safer and more accessible pedestrian ramps (our favourite!).

Once the two major Agnes Street intersections (Gough Street, Charles Street) are completed, there will be some works on the two minor Agnes Street intersections (Strickland Street, Cameron Street) to provide improved pedestrian access and minor streetscape improvements.  To compliment construction works, there will be additional street trees installed in the existing paved footpaths on Agnes Street to ensure our Main Streets are ‘greener, safer and more accessible’!

Construction at the James Street intersection is well and truly underway and will be completed by the end of September. The SE Excavations team have been busy with new kerbing, protuberances, bollard installation and preparing for new  pedestrian ramps / additional paving.  There has been some minor amendments to pedestrian ramp levels and changes to driveway access to retain existing shop front carparking where possible.  We are trying our best to work with businesses and the community to ensure intersections still support our community,  whilst aligning with the intent of the project. Over the next week or so, the protuberances will be complete, garden beds prepared for plantings, street trees and plantings installed, traffic signage reinstated and pedestrian ramps finalised.

There will be some expected disruption to pedestrian and vehicle access so please ensure you slow down, take care and observe the temporary fencing, flags and traffic signs to ensure everyone stays safe.

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