Wangolina 'Where the Wattlebird nests' is situated between the coastal towns of Kingston SE & Robe in the Mt Benson region, which is a part of the broader Limestone Coast wine region, South Australia. Renowned for limestone and terra rossa soils that combine with a maritime, cool climate our little region produces wines of exceptional quality, interest and character. Established in 1999 Wangolina has become the home and the heart of Mt Benson. Wine tastings available daily. Large group bookings appreciated.

For cellar door opening hours and more information please visit the Wangolina website or phone 8768 6187.


Cape Jaffa winery and vineyard sits atop cave pocketed limestone on the very edge of the South Australian coastline - formed from the remains of coral and long forgotten ocean creatures as the sea made it’s retreat as recently as two million years ago. A unique and isolated post, approximately 30kms North of Robe, Cape Jaffa wines are made with heart, earth and salt air. Collaborating with erratic weather conditions and taking the path less travelled forced the hands of the Hooper family to cut traditional ties and be free with their craft. This craft is their passion, a passion which ebbs and flows, between the seasons culminating in wines of balance and harmony but, more importantly, that are very, very drinkable.

Far removed from famous wine regions and manipulative viticulture this biodynamic winery is unique and led by an unpretentious team. A heralding of all that is right with the modern breed of winemaker…conservation, sustainability and a love of place .So, if you're lucky enough to be passing through the Limestone Coast enjoying the pristine coastline, ancient megafauna or delectable local produce, take a moment and drop into Cape Jaffa Wines - there's wine trapped in bottles that you can set free!

For cellar door opening hours and more information please visit the Cape Jaffa Wines website or phone 8768 5053.


Ralph Fowler Wines is an Australian company owned and operated by the Fowler Family. Ralph & Deborah Fowler manage the Mount Benson 7 ha vineyard, winery and cellar door, and Richelle Fowler looks after our Wine Club customers. The terrior of terra rossa soil and cool maritime climate is unique to the coastal Mount Benson wine region, providing perfect conditions for crafting premium wines. The Lyre Trellis with environmentally sustainable PRD (Partial Root-zone Drying) irrigation was chosen to grow superior grapes.

Knowledge and experience gained over more than 49 years, passion and dedication by Ralph along with hand picking, small batch and basket pressing create our unique style.

For cellar door opening hours and more information please visit the Ralph Fowler website or phone 8768 5000.