Annual Business Plan & Budget

2020-2021 Annual Business Plan & Budget

Welcome to our 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan & Budget.

The Plan is closely linked to our Community Plan 2019-2029 and it shows what we plan to do over the ensuing financial year to ensure the council area continues to be a thriving destination that encourages tourism and lifestyle living.  All the actions, services and projects within this Plan aim to make our community even better!

As you read through the Plan, we encourage you to reflect on the range, diversity and quality of services, activities and infrastructure available to you as a Kingston District Council resident.

2020-2021 Annual Business Plan & Budget

We look forward to working with our community in a positive and proactive way as we seek to deliver this plan together.


The 2020-2021 Annual Business Plan & Budget was adopted by Council at its meeting of 23 June 2020

Below are copies of the previous years Annual Business Plan & Budgets.