Keilira Bushfire

This Keilira Bushfire was started by dry lightning on the morning of December 30, and burned more than 25,000 hectares with a perimeter of some 76kms.

The fire impacted 22 properties, and destroyed 3 homes with one being occupied and the other two being unused farm houses.  Of equally significant impact, the fire destroyed an office and its contents, numerous sheds, approx. 2,000+ bales of hay, hundreds of kilometres of fencing, over 40 pigs, up to 400 head of cattle and 3,000 sheep.

This leaves a devastating impact on our property owners, who we wish well in the recovery process.

The following links and information is provided to assist those who have been impacted by this major fire event.

10 January 2020

Dear Community Members

MayorI’d like to talk to you about the Keilira Bushfire that was started by dry lightning on the morning of 30 December and subsequently burnt through some 25,000 hectares of valuable pasture in our council area.

Whilst the losses are still being counted, the fire destroyed three properties, one being occupied and the other two being unused farm houses. Of equally significant impact, the fire destroyed approx. 2,000+ bales of hay, hundreds of kilometres of fencing, up to 400 head of cattle and 3,000 sheep.

I am terribly saddened by the devastation this fire has caused, particularly being so close to home with my family being directly impacted.  However, this puts me in a position to not only understand the loss felt by the community, but to be truly grateful for the CFS and many other volunteers who worked tirelessly on the fireground for several days.

We facilitated a public meeting on Wednesday in recognition that the Keilira fire is a disaster for our community.  It has caused widespread destruction across 20 odd properties, impacted livelihoods and will no doubt leave an emotional toll that may take some time to be realised.

We wanted to provide those directly impacted by the fire and other interested residents, an opportunity to hear from the people on the ground during the fire-fight as well as support that is available now.

Council’s immediate response to the Keilira fire and addressing the impacts on our community is a priority.  For us, this includes supporting lead agencies, logistics around community support and information provision, connecting those who want to provide help to those who need it and where possible, providing real assistance to those in need.

Our community is resilient, we know that.  However, we can help you better if we know what you need, so don’t be afraid to put your hand up.  We are here to support our residents in a difficult time, and will respond to any of your concerns, as you transition to the recovery stage of this unfortunate bushfire event, with all the energy and resources we can reasonably muster.

Kay Rasheed


The Department of Human Services have now listed the Keilira Fire on their disaster recovery website.

On Thursday 30 December, a fire broke out in the Keilira region under hazardous conditions.

Phone 1800 302 787 if you have been affected by the fire and need information and support.

Extension of Australian Government assistance for South Australian Bushfires

The Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment and Disaster Recovery Allowance have been activated in the local government area of Kingston in South Australia.

Payments of $1000 per eligible adult and $400 per eligible child, as well as income allowance payments are now available to those affected by the fire in Keilira.

Assistance is being provided through the Australia Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) and Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA).

Claims will be open from Friday 10 January 2020. For more information or to make a claim visit or call 180 22 66.

More information on Australian Government disaster assistance is available at

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Keilira Fire - Damage Assessment

Quantifying the agricultural losses is important to ensure the impact of the fire is fully understood, identify common recovery needs and inform funding and policy decisions. PIRSA only has very limited information on the stock, hay and infrastructure losses at this stage and is seeking more detailed damage assessment information from producers over the next couple of weeks. Your cooperation to complete a damage assessment form when approached by a PIRSA staff member or local community member will be greatly appreciated. All damage assessment information provided is strictly confidential. Please return completed damage assessment forms to Justine Drew at Struan as soon as possible.