Maria Creek Sustainable Infrastructure Project

Maria Creek Sustainable Infrastructure Project

In recent years, there has been an increase in coastal management challenges  at  Maria Creek and Council’s broader coastline.

These challenges exacerbated the need for Council to undertake significant dredging and earthwork campaigns at Maria Creek in an attempt to keep the boat launching facility open and navigable.  
This proved to be extremely challenging and costly.

Given these significant costs and challenges, Council has acknowledged that short-term solutions to maintain the recreational boating facility are not sustainable.  Council is now focussing on providing a long-term solution that is financially sustainable through an affordable capital solution.

Council is considering a wider set of key objectives that include the surrounds, namely:

  • Provide a jetty that services the community and visitors;
  • Provide a boat launching facility during peak times (October to May) that is financially sustainable (low maintenance) through an affordable capital solution;
  • To create opportunity to activate open spaces and facilities; and
  • Consider natural processes of the coastal environment.

Fact Sheets

Maria Creek Boat Launching Facility - Fact Sheet - December 2019