Community Plan

Council undertook a minor internal review of the 2019-2029 Community Plan in early 2020.  Whilst the themes remain the same, there were some adjustments to key project targets as well as the addition of the following activities:

  • Recognition of the importance of fishing to the community
  • Recognition of the importance of the Kingston Jetty to the community
  • Volunteering
  • Arts & culture
  • Emergency & disaster management
  • Environmental sustainability

After a period of community engagement, Council adopted the reviewed version of the 2019-2029 Community Plan at its 21 April 2020 meeting.

2019-2029 Community Plan


Kingston SE is recognised as a popular Limestone Coast tourist and lifestyle destination. The main streets, parks and beaches are abuzz with locals and holiday makers, all enjoying our beautiful environment, cafes, restaurants and local produce. Home-grown businesses and primary producers are thriving and the district is well known for its family friendly atmosphere. The community share a sense of pride and common purpose.

Our vision will be achieved by creating a Thriving Destination that encourages tourism and lifestyle living, through Best Practice Planning of Public Spaces and Neighbourhoods, supported by Excellence in Assets & Infrastructure and Strong Communities.

Our council will be known for Progressive Leadership in community engagement and management of community assets.