Augmented Reality Mural - Wind Dance

See South Australia’s first  augmented reality mural, ‘Wind Dance’, located in Kingston SE.

Talented mural artist, Sarah Boese, completed the project in December 2020.

Wind Dance is designed to capture the personality of Kingston and features themes that acknowledge nature, Aboriginal culture and coastal lifestyle.  The heron, a spiritual totem that is important to the Meintangk people, is a symbol of determination, resilience and tranquillity. The circular patterns tie in with the local Aboriginal practice of weaving and pay respect to their deep connection with the land. Smoke drifts through the artwork reminding us of the devastating bushfire that occurred in the region in December 2019 and native spider orchids represent regrowth and healing.

The soaring fish reflect family activities and summers by the beach and were inspired by the popular kite festival that takes place in Kingston.  Represented as kites, the fish attached to a string remind us that whilst we are connected to nature, we can’t always control it.  Instead, we can embrace and respect the delicate natural cycles of our environment.

Although beautiful to look at on the wall, by simply downloading the free EyeJack App, watch the artwork come to life on your smartphone or device through augmented reality. A QR code and instructions are available onsite.

Located in Kingston’s main street, on the wall of the Kingston Electrical & Renovator Centre, corner Agnes and Charles Streets, Kingston SE, this stunning  artwork is a must see when visiting the Limestone Coast.

The project is an Australian Government bushfire recovery initiative and was commissioned by the Kingston District Council in the wake of the Keilira bushfire in December 2019.

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